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Until recently it was believed that once the structure of the brain is formed it is difficult to change, but recent research has shown that new connections and pathways can be formed throughout our lives. The therapeutic relationship can be used to create new experiences that form new neural connections and pathways within the brain and reintegrate areas that have become fragmented as a result of psychological trauma. Psychotherapy is a unique space where you can explore whatever is blocking you from living the life you want to live.


My training in cognitive neuroscience means I think in terms of making new connections in the brain during therapy. Traumatic experience can cause our brains to adapt to cope with the overwhelming situation. These adaptions can cause difficulties in daily functioning and the way that you relate to the people around you. 


I believe that the main motivation for humans is to fulfill their potential and this need is present in a majority of people. This natural drive towards 'self-actualisation' (Goldstein 1934) is a key motivation for clients to enter therapy because autonomy is what they are searching for. 


I work in a creative way and tailor the therapy to your individual needs by constructing a case conceptualisation with you to look for patterns of dysfunctional behaviour and decide on which memories to target for re-processing (AIP framework, Shapiro 2002). I believe that the strength of the relationship is the key to success in therapy and regularly check in to see that the work in going in the direction that you would like.

If you have any questions about the way that I work or the therapy process in general send me an email​ and we can book a confidential chat.



Online therapy psychotherapy low-cost affordable BACP registered counselling
  • Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (MBACP).

  • MSc EMDR Therapy, University of Worcester.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Neuroimaging, CUBRIC, Cardiff University. (Merit)

  • BSc Hons Integrative Counselling, Middlesex University (1:1)

  • BA Hons Music and Visual Art, University of Brighton

  • Level 4 EMDR training (taught by Derek Farrell, University of Worcester)

  • EMDR with complex clinical populations (Distinction)

  • EMDR wider scripted protocols (Distinction)

  • Current issues in EMDR practice and research (Distinction)

Other training
  • EMDR to work with ego states (complex trauma and DID) masterclass taught by Dr Michael C Paterson OBE.

  • R-TEP - Recent traumatic event protocol training.

  • G-TEP- Group EMDR intervention.

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