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My ethos


MSc EMDR Therapy, University of Worcester (Merit)

Postgraduate Diploma in Neuroimaging, Cardiff University (Merit)

Levels 1-4 EMDR training, University of Worcester (taught by Derek Farrell)

EMDR with complex clinical populations (Merit)

EMDR wider scripted protocols (Distinction)

BSc Hons Integrative Counselling, Middlesex University

BA Music and Visual Art, University of Brighton

Current issues in EMDR practice and research (Distinction)

G-TEP- Group trauma intervention

R-TEP- Recent traumatic events protocol

Working with Ego States- Dr. Micheal Patterson

Safe-guarding training

'The wound is the place where the light enters you.'
- Rumi


Recent discoveries in neuroscience have shown that new connections and pathways in the brain can be formed throughout our lives. In therapy we use the therapeutic relationship to create new emotional experiences that form new connections in your brain. These new neural connections help to re-integrate areas that have become fragmented as a result of adverse life experiences. This new way of being will ripple through other aspects of your life and change your relationship with the world around you. Compared to standard talking therapy EMDR generally takes a shorter amount of time to get to the root cause of the issue. Rather than just dealing with symptom management (like CBT), EMDR works directly with the cause of your distress.

 I am an integrative therapist specialising in using eye-movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy to treat a range of psychological issues. I acknowledge the potential impact of early relationships and experiences on mental and physical health and my postgraduate training in neuroscience means I understand how the brain structure is formed through person-to-person interactions throughout our lives. I have a particular interest in working with complex trauma and use EMDR therapy to work through the layers of adverse life experiences and ease mental distress.


I have a practice in central Cardiff (Mon + Tues) and in Southville, Bristol (Thurs + Fri) as well as working at The Priory Hospital where I am an integrative therapist and EMDR practitioner (please see above for more info about EMDR). I work with a wide range of psychological issues and I have a particular interest in working with complex trauma where I use EMDR therapy to help re-process the different layers of trauma that build up over time and ease mental distress. I am interested developmental neurobiology and the potential impact of early relationships and experiences on mental and physical health (See ACE study).

​I am passionate about making counselling and psychotherapy more accessible and one way I can do this is by offering reduced rates for low income clients. I have a limited number of these appointments and they are negotiated on a case by case basis - give me a call on 07454533341 and we can discuss this. I also offer online therapy sessions which means that you can see me from your own house at your convenience. See my bookings information below for pricing.

​I use Zoom a confidential, GDPR compliant video app similar to Skype. You do not need to download any software, I will just send you a link

for you to attend the appointment.

I work with a variety of issues including:

​- Traumatic stress
- Depression & anxiety
- Bereavement
- Anger management
- Addictions
- Feelings of isolation/loneliness
- Relationship issues
- Exam stress
- Life coaching

If you have any questions about the way that I work or the therapy process in general give me a call on 07454 533 341​ and we can have a confidential chat.


Book a session

please note that a £2 charge is added if you would like to pay via Paypal to cover their service charges


I am legally obliged to take into account the law of any prospective client’s geographical location. In this regard, different geographical regions may be subject to legislation that affects the delivery of therapy. A case in point is California, which has a law prohibiting residents from receiving counselling from a therapist who is not licensed in California. If you are not sure about the laws in your current location don't worry, I have legal advisors that I can consult on this matter to see if we can work together.







Confidential support wherever
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Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

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