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Why choose therapy?

Everyone experiences periods of stress throughout their lives, be it through a difficult break-up or stress from targets and deadlines at work or university. It is all too easy to ignore any uncomfortable feelings and carry on as normal, dismissing any signs that your environment is negatively affecting your physical or mental health. Counselling can help you to work through your difficulties and enable you to emerge the other side with more resources to cope with stress in the future.

Often, we experience warnings that we should address our mental health such as feelings of anxiety or perhaps low mood/depression or angry outbursts but we just carry on regardless. But this ‘stiff upper lip’ approach to life allows tension to build up until we have ignored our feelings for too long and they force us pay attention by subjecting us to an anxiety attack at work before an important meeting, for example. Or perhaps a loved one died a few years ago and you thought that you had 'dealt' with it at the time but when your trusty Labrador Buster died recently, feelings came flooding back about the earlier loss.